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                  CHARTER 1017


This is a list of interest categories and the interests within each category. Click on an interest to learn more about that item. If you are logged in, you will also see the members who have declared that interest, with a link to their member directory entry. Click the "More Info" link info to view additional information about the interest group.


Select type of aircraft you fly or are interested in.


16 Members
all models from weedeater to hi-end factory.
18 Members
any model and brand
16 Members
All model and brands , includes single & twin cylinders.
8 Members
All models and brands , includes single , twin and quad cylinders.

Radio Transmitter Equipment Frequency

72mhz , 50mhz , 2.ghz

Radio Transmitter Brand/Model type

If you have a brand or model type not listed send us email and we will add it to the listing.
1 Members
Models Radiant 6 , RD6000 , RDS8000
1 Members
Models: SD Series, SD-5G, SD-10G
1 Members
Models: Vangard Series, VG6DR FM, VG400 FM
5 Members
Models: 4EXA, 4YF, 6DA, T6-EXA, T6XA, T6YG ,6EXP, 6EXP, 6J, 6YF, 6YG-FM ,
5 Members
7C, 8UAF, 8UAP, 9CAF, 9CAFS FM, 9ZAP PCM, 10C, 12ZAP - 12 ZHP FM/PCM, 14MZ , 14MZAP, PCM 1024
12 Members
8FG, 10CG , 12FG, 12Z , 14MZ,
0 Members
Aurora, Eclipse 7 , Express 5, Express 4 & 6, Focus 5, Laser 4 , Optic 4 & 6, Neon SS
1 Members
Series : Sport 4 & 6 , Focus 4 & 6
1 Members
Models: 4CH, 6CH , X-378, XF631, 6102FM
0 Members
Models : 7202, 8103
4 Members
models: x9303, x9503, 11X, 12X
20 Members
ALL Models : DX6 , DX6I
14 Members
ALL Models: DX7, DX7e series
30 Members
ALL Models: DX8 series
1 Members
All Kraft Models AM/FM (certified by AMA)